3 Tips to making a statement with your Bridal Shoes

Every bride should feel amazing on her Wedding Day – and if you’re like most women, nothing makes you strut your stuff quite like a great pair of shoes.

Your bridal footwear offers the perfect opportunity to showcase your personality and have some fashion fun on what can otherwise be a very traditional occasion. But blisters are never in style, so the first thing to consider is comfort.

You’ll be in your wedding shoes all day and may be dancing in them all night, so whether they’re stilettos, ballet flats, or even UGGS, your wedding foot wear needs to be a good fit.

TIP: If your shoes are not comfortable when you try them on, they won’t feel better after a day on your feet.

UGGS offers a line of Bridal Boots for brides looking to keep their feet comfortable and cozy!

TIP: Take the length and style of your gown into consideration when selecting your shoes.

Short or tea-length gowns are a great excuse to showcase your personality through a shoe with colour or a pattern. Adding a splash of colour can also be fun under a long, more traditional dress.

If you’re opting for a non-traditional dress, make a splash with some sparkley shoes! (Venue: Elm Hurst Inn & Spa, Carriage House / Photo Credit: Painting with Light Photography)

TIP: Spike heels may not be the best choice if you’re wearing a delicate lace gown – and skinny stilettos are a definite no-no for the beach or garden setting.

Some brides take it one step further and have custom-designed shoes made especially for their wedding day – like these created for an Elm Hurst bride by Figgie Shoes.

These one-of-a-kind shoes were inspired by our very own Elm Hurst Inn & Spa.

Others prefer a more relaxed look and wear sneakers or a favourite pair of cowboy boots under their formal attire.

These groomsmen kept it causal in matching sneakers….Venue: Elm Hurst Inn & Spa.

Whatever you choose, remember it’s your day. Don’t be afraid to kick up your heels and have some fun!

Partington Photography - Fountain play August 2012
This Bride kicked off her heels to go barefoot in our fountain! (Venue: Elm Hurst Inn & Spa / Photo Credit: Partington Photography )

Whether you choose to dance barefoot in our fountain or hit the dance floor in designer stilettos, the dedicated wedding professionals at Idlewyld Inn & Spa and Elm Hurst Inn & Spa will make your Wedding Day one to remember.

Wedding Day Showers – They’re nothing to cry about

As a Bride, you can plan everything down to the last detail – but the one thing you can’t control on your Wedding Day is the weather!  And as our snowy Ontario winter turns into a cool and rainy spring, it’s time to offer a few tips to make sure that a few rain drops don’t put a damper on your celebration.

This Idlewyld bride didn’t let a few showers put a damper on her celebration.

Always have a Plan B
Whether you’re getting married in June, December or April, you just never know what Mother Nature will have up her sleeve.  Don’t be shy about asking your venue about a back-up plan, especially if you are hoping to hold your ceremony outdoors.  Does the venue offer suitable inside alternatives? Or should you order a tent with sides, just in case?

Even if your heart is set on an outdoor ceremony, it’s always good to choose a venue with an indoor alternative – just in case!

Watch the weather channel
Check the weather forecast about a week before your wedding. While it’s not foolproof, it should eliminate any last minute surprises, and help you decide whether or not to put Plan B into action.

Designate a Point Person
Decide in advance who will make the final decision about any changes brought about by bad weather.  Don’t leave it until the last minute!

Venues will do their best to accommodate your request and keep your ceremony running on schedule, but it takes time to move an outdoor ceremony under cover, or to close the sides of an open tent.

Waterproof makeup is a must
You don’t want makeup dripping down your face if you’re caught in a downpour, so make sure your eyeliner and mascara are waterproof.

Embrace the Rain
Many cultures believe that Wedding Day rain brings good fortune, so if the skies open try to go with the flow and have some fun. Colourful rain boots can make cute accessories for any outdoor photos and will save your stilettos.   And don’t forget to bring plenty of umbrellas for your bridal party.  Clear umbrellas are always a good choice for photos, but colourful ones can also add a sense of play.

Don’t forget some umbrellas  – and your smile.

Stormy weather can make for some unforgettable wedding photos, but ask your photographer about alternate indoor locations if you’d rather not brave the elements.

In the rain
Stormy weather can make for some dramatic photographs!

At Elm Hurst Inn & Spa and Idlewyld Inn & Spa, our wedding coordinators will work with you to ensure your big day goes off without a hitch – regardless of what Mother Nature throws your way!